Cleaning up

Cleaning up the framework and Squashing bugs etc


Mavericks CSS


  • [x] Start a new repo for faster compile times?
  • [x] The specificity engine isn’t fine tuned enough. Keep at it
  • [x] add the TextButton to The Explorer
  • [x] ==try translucent bg for the explorer==
  • [x] Fix the bug with the filter array method that excludes a series of variables from directly inheriting
  • [x] write a test that proves that the direct inheriting is fixed
  • [ ] add support for multiple css variables pointing to the same value. Aka siblings. See legacy code
  • [ ] elements should float left and clear left by default
  • [ ] add isFocused and isDisabled to all components
  • [ ] ==multi layered elements should work with single valued css variables==
  • [ ] fix the hit-test problem with some buttons. Make a test to solve it once and for all.
  • [ ] create an article on how buttons behave
  • [ ] Fix the css Bracket grouping, and if it is fixed, make sure single items can still work inside a group
  • [ ] stopwatch the css parsing, see how much time it uses compared to the legacy code
  • [ ] Add a press-kit katalog on dropbox like this: here
  • [ ] The svg icon in “The Search box component” cant have a custom color. Figure out why with a test.
  • [ ] The VSlider needs some work, it doesn’t align correctly etc. Do this after you have added the lists etc
  • [ ] Fix the problem where you cant retrieve size values from a single variable when using css layers
  • [ ] CheckBoxButton extends Button, It should extend TextButton. Fix this
  • [ ] RadioButton doesn’t accept NaN values when init. CheckBoxButton supports this so fix it
  • [ ] Fix the SelectButton.isSelected variable. Use getSelected() similar to how CheckButton works
  • [ ] Fix sibling style selectors so that ColorTag.css can be written simpler.
  • [ ] Fix ColorTag selected state. Currently it inherits from RadioBullet styles
  • [ ] implement that fill can be none fill:none; Currently it throws an error
  • [ ] Implement custom line with the AssetDecorator, in conjunction with the SVGAsset scheme
  • [ ] Stroke-width should scale with the resizing of SVGAssets. (use division to find appropriate stroke-width)
  • [ ] When you set line-offset-type:inside; and corner-radius:5px; The result is just a rect. Outside works.
  • [ ] SVGEngine should support viewport variables.
  • [ ] The css parser has some problems with trailing whitespace after the ; char
  • [ ] Is NaN values really important? What is their purpose?
  • [ ] Align the List Items pixel perfect. There is a padding or margin bug in the css

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