Case study of the TreeList (==Work in progress==)









  • [x] Create the TreeList Component
  • [x] Debug the TreeList Component
  • [x] ==Fix the grouping css styles. Check if they work first. They might.==
  • [ ] Setup the and add the articles (also forward the domain)
  • [x] Get the EMS working, if its not already
  • [x] fix the depth margin of the checkbox icon
  • [ ] fix the hitArea offset problem. How was this solved before?
  • [ ] Grouped css styles doesn’t work if one style ha spaces. Fix this in an isolated test
  • [x] The margin problem is pretty nested into the core, as a quick fix you could use padding or offset. Then fix margin later
  • [ ] Figure out how to combine generics, extension and Dictionary
  • [ ] When you select items via TreeListModifier the xml isn’t updated. Look into the setAttribute Node Event to fix this
  • [ ] To support custom font attribs on selected items I think you need to implement :unSelected as a state. or do research into how other people solved this

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