Case study of the Table element




/*coming soon*/


/*coming soon*/


	<item title="#">
		<item title="1"/>
		<item title="2"/>
		<item title=""/>
		<item title=""/>
	<item title="Fruite">
		<item title="Oranges"/>
		<item title="Apples"/>
		<item title="Pears"/>
		<item title="Grapes"/>
	<item title="Color" order="alphabetic">
		<item title="Yellow"/>
		<item title="Green"/>
		<item title=""/>
		<item title=""/>


Dedicated github repo for testing the table: here


  • [ ] Create the NSView sort method in swift
  • [ ] SliderTable
  • [ ] RBSliderTable
  • [ ] EditableTable
  • [ ] Write more modification and parsing tests

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