Case study of the ComboBox component


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let xml = FileParser.xml("~/Desktop/assets/xml/combobox.xml".tildePath)
let dp:DataProvider = DataProvider(xml)
let combobox = addSubView(ComboBox(170,104,24,dp,false,0,self))


vimeo video
dropbox video


  • [x] Figure out how to listen to mouseEvents outside and inside NSWindow (maybe use local and global monitors)
  • [x] try to open the popover window when the origin window is in fullscreen mode (works)
  • [x] on click outside of the popup window needs to be recorded
  • [x] click a button in popupWin sends an event and then closes it self
  • [x] the popupWindow needs to be stored somewhere, maybe in a static variable or somewhere else in the Element framework
  • [ ] Make an universal alignment method for aligning windows, you can probably use the regular Align method here with a zeroSize and CGPoint and TopCenter as the alignment type
  • [x] try to animate the popup effect
  • [x] the popupwin must have an init with size and position,
  • [x] populate the window with a List/SliderList
  • [x] hock up the List event
  • [x] create the ComboBoxPopUpWindow
  • [ ] you need a method that checks available space for the popup to be shown in (measure screen vs origin-pos vs popup-size) <–do some doodling etc
  • [x] 4px top and bottom margin for the comboboxwin, to avoid clipping the rounded corners
  • [x] blue color when selected, white text when selected.
  • [x] Try to align the comboboxwin with simple means first -> 1. find the bottom left pos of the combobox header button, 2. convert this position into screen coordinates -> similar to how you did draggin windows etc
  • [ ] to create an universal alignment method you need 2 alignment types passed to the PopUpWin and then PopUpwin will take care of the rest
  • [x] Research close animation for NSWindow
  • [ ] Implement SliderList instead of List

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