Notes about the Switch component

Test 8: (Complete)

Test 7: (Iris animation)

Test 6: (Bounce dynamics)

Test 5: (In-direct dragging)

Test 4: (Click animation)

Test 3: (Thumb animation)

Test 2: (Blends grey/green)

Test 1: (look & feel)

Init code:

let container:Container = addSubView(Container(NaN, NaN, self, "switchContainer"))
let toggleSwitch = container.addSubView(Switch(140,80,false,container))
func onEvent(event:Event){/*this is the event handler*/
    if(event.assert(CheckEvent.check, toggleSwitch)){
        Swift.print("onEvent() isChecked" + "\((event as! CheckEvent).isChecked)")
toggleSwitch.event = onEvent/*adds the event handler to the event exit point in the toggleSwitch*/


//40px height, 70px width
//grey outline 2px
//dropShadow downwards
//bg fill white

Transition to: (0-1)

//green outline 2px
//bg fill green
//dropShadow downwards


//on circle down : animate circle width 20% easeIn 0.2 sec (left if its in right pos, right if in left pos)
//when dragging: keep circle width at 120%

//for simplicity: transition from white to green based on volKnobProgress

//on switch up: easeIn 0.2 tween white<->green
//on switch up: easeIn 0.2 circle with current.width -> circle.height

//animate pos of switch to target end pos based on +-0.5 (left or right) easeIn 0.2

//mouse-up: within 50% and the state is the same -> tween to on state (and the same for the opposite condition)
	//possibly disable functionality while transitioning. 


Original IOS switch: https://github.com/cruffenach/CRToast
real ios switch example: https://github.com/cruffenach/CRToast

Original IOS switch behaviour analysis:

  • The white fill in the Switch-background animates from the center until it covers the grey/green
  • The white fill tweens inwards when animating from green/grey to white
  • the grey green fill tweens very fast going from off<->on state
  • The grey/green outline needs to be outside or else the white will cover it

  • The thumb animates onUp and onDown
  • the thumb slightly bounces back if it is clicked as opposed to being dragged


  • [x] Try to animate the thumb onUp onDown ✅
  • [x] Animate the bg fill from white to grey on mouse-down ✅
  • [x] onUpInside warrants state change off<->on✅
  • [x] animate off<->on progress✅
  • [x] animate w/ bounce (Use easeInBounce transition) ✅
  • [x] onSlide -> +- 0.5 animates on/off state (slide does not directly change thumb.pos) ✅
  • [x] The bounceBack anim should apply to the thumb on progress = 0 or progress = 1 ✅
  • [x] Try to animate the bg fills (try to anim fillet, w, h) ✅
  • [x] Try to setup bg fills that can iris animate (dilating-doors-style) ✅
  • [x] When dragging the interpolation of bg color should be grey to green ✅
  • [x] Consider not using HSlider and Button as baseClasses ✅
  • [x] Create dedicated SwitchButton, SwitchSlider, SwitchCheckButton internal classes ✅
  • [x] The entire switch needs to act like a button ✅
  • [x] Contemplate only using 1 element with 3 skin layers ✅
  • [x] Refactor the code to make it simpler. ✅
  • [ ] Adjust the animation curves to mimic the behaviour of the real UISwitch
  • [ ] Adjust the line-thickness and overall size
  • [ ] Make it easy to customize size and colors via css (pull colors from css)
  • [ ] Going from grey to white needs iris animation as well (add 4th layer or make it work somehow)

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