Spm and ci travis

My notes on Swift PM + CI Travis



  1. Create a project named HelloTravis on github. Then download it via Github desktop app
  2. Terminal: cd dev/HelloTravis 👈 Navigate to the folder you just downloaded
  3. Terminal: swift package init 👈 Creates a Package.swift file etc
  4. Terminal: swift test 👈 Runs the first test
  5. add an .travis.yml see YML paragraph
  6. Uploaded all the changes to github again.
  7. Create an account at: travis-ci.org (it takes zero time if you are logged into github)
  8. Find your HelloTravis project in your account list. Then switch the on/off but to on.
  9. Copy the MarkDown badge and add it to your README.md file in the HelloTravis project on github.
  10. Wait a little while and your Badge will become Green if all tests pass like this: Build Status
  11. Add More complex tests under the HelloTravis/Tests/HelloTravisTests.swift file.
  12. Add nested dependencies to your Tests by following this Tutorial on SPM + Nested frameworks


A typical .travis.yml file looks like this: (This is the config file for Travis)

  - osx
language: generic
sudo: required
dist: trusty
osx_image: xcode8.2
  - swift build #Builds the dependencies
  - swift test #Tests whatever is inside the Test folder
    on_success: never
    on_failure: change

Final word:

Some people like to keep a /Tests folder in the github repo. I prefer not to because they are not always relevant to whom ever uses the repo. As such I prefer to keep tests in a “test” repo. Which pulls in the dependencies from other repos. Travis-ci has a simple button which can test your project daily/weekly/monthly. So you don’t have to push changes to test things.

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