Infinite tree list

My notes on Infinite tree list

All together now πŸŽ‰:


It’s fast and smooth now. Next is to add some utility methods. explodeAt, collapseAt etc

Uni-Directional Elastic Tree-List:


  • Bigger tree list with Speedier scrolling is coming in a few days. Need to make SVG Asset reload lazy. And Add rotation to the CSS lib. To make everything fast.

Uni-Directional Elastic List:


The above Gif anim shows A FastList that that can be scrolled in x and y dir. this is imp with treeLists as you need to scroll in the x-axis if the items becomes too wide. The deeper you go the more you need to scroll in the x-axis etc.

//Then you start designing Infinite treeList 
    //differentiate indentation via css-id-classifier πŸ‘
        //you prob need classId for this, but use element-id for first interpolation 🚫 (not in the start)
    //when you open an item, you basically insert items into a flatList 🚫
        //you set the css-classifer to the correct indentation 🚫
    //when you hide children, you basically remove items from a flatList 🚫
//Basically you could Just use FastList with a treeList DP. πŸ‘
    //if you click on an item open/close icon, you change the dp. and the dp changes FastList πŸ‘
    //The TreeListDP will set the indentation by changing the css-id-selector πŸ‘
  • You also need to implement The side scroller. And make a sensible solution for Views that can scroll both ways. βœ…
  • Thinking about it, this will easily enable filtering the TreeList through search πŸ’―

  • FastList that can scroll x/y. basically you just scroll the contentContainer and render takes care of placing items in y βœ…
  • You could also just move the items.x when x scroll is detected βœ…
	//Make ElasticView again with v2 scrolling code βœ…
		//test ScrollView2 βœ…
		//test ElasticView2 βœ…
		//make the ElasticView as small as possible βœ…
		//make call everything ...2 to differentiate (duplicate utils code if needed) 
	//Make List that can scroll both ways. βœ…
	//Make fastList that can scroll both ways βœ…
		//the problem occurs when you want a sideScrolling list. I guess this can be toggled via bool flag. βœ…
			//The Container view doesn't need dir, only list needs dir. as containerview is x/y directional βœ…
	//Maybe all lists and all views need x/y sliders, you just disable them when there is enough views βœ…
		//Make the code foot print as small as possible βœ…

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