Faster xcode with spm

How you can speed up compile times in XCode with Swift Package Manager

Workflow features:

✅ Speeds up builds
✅ Simple to setup
✅ Version Controlled
✅ Encourages re-usability
✅ Future proof
✅ Supports macOS
🚫 Supports iOS

Sync your modules to github:

1: cd /dev/MyApp/Packages/My-Awesome-Module-1.0.0/ 👈 navigate to your module
2: git checkout master 👈 switch to the master branch for your module
3: git commit -a -m "Updated Feature-x"
4: git push origin master

Blazing fast compile times:

When parts of your apps get complete and is not actively worked on move it to a Module. This will make your app faster to build because your only re-compile the code that is not in your modules. If you change code inside a module it will re-build When you run the app, it will take some time. If you want other parts of your app to be able to use new method calls, just hit cmd + b and it will become available to your entire app.

Module oriented programing:

By keeping your app in modules you are also able to reuse these in XCode playground. Because modules produce .framework files which works in XCode playground read this for a .frame work + playground workflow

Further reading:

  • Use .framework by splitting up in different frameworks helps with compile time, see comments) here

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