Rubber band slider list

Case study of the RBSliderList. The RB is short for RubberBand. And its made by utilizing a a custom built ==animation engine== that delivers ==60FPS== butter smooth motion. It supports ==Rich interaction== combined with running tween animation. Apple doesn’t provide this combo so it had to be made. The RBSliderList is the first component to use this animation engine.




StyleManager.addStylesByURL("~/Desktop/css/list.css")/*load the related style-sheets*/

let dp = DataProvider(FileParser.xml("~/Desktop/scrollist.xml"))/*load xml data to add to the DataProvider*/
let section = self.addSubView(Section(200, 200, self, "listSection")) as! Section/*adds some visual space around the component*/
sliderList = section.addSubView(RBSliderList(140,120,24,dp,section)) as? RBSliderList

Animation engine:

Interactive spring dynamics. Friction, SpringStrength etc. The Spring solver has a small footprint and is easily customizable. An article describing how the animation engine works will come later. Stay tuned.

Supported easing classes:

  • Linear
  • EaseInQuad,EaseOutQuad,EaseInOutQuad
  • EaseInCubic,EaseOutCubic,EaseInOutCubic
  • EaseInQuart,EaseOutQuart,EaseInOutQuart
  • EaseInQuint,EaseOutQuint,EaseInOutQuint
  • EaseInSine,EaseOutSine,EaseInOutSine
  • EaseInExpo, EaseOutExpo, EaseInOutExpo

Coming soon:

  • EaseInCirc, EaseOutCirc, EaseInOutCirc
  • EaseInElastic,EaseOutElastic,EaseInOutElastic
  • EaseInBack, EaseOutBack, EaseInOutBack
  • EaseInBounce, EaseOutBounce, EaseInOutBounce


  • [ ] Add support for css animation
  • [ ] Do research into singleton classes in swift
  • [ ] Perfect the listItem css sizes. Its not Aligning correctly at the moment

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