Demo app

Notes about the demo app. The name should be “”


css files used in the demo
the swift source code for the app


  • left sidebar in translucent with open-source iconography
  • Add this demo app to the stylekit Org account “”
  • Main content view should have a white background
  • The list in the mainView needs to a custom list that extends List and then later RBSlider list
  • The custom list should override the mergeAt method and implement its own lable-Items
  • the custom Label item should have a header, date on the right side. and content
  • when you click the label item you should go to the itemView. A back icon in the top left corner should take you back
  • The app should read from a xml document with nodes for articles. article should have meta data and text content
  • ==vibrancy layer:==
  • nice animation inspiration:


  • [x] Start by creating the black translucent window again. It should not have a titleBar or title buttons.
  • [x] Add your own title buttons: as you need custom locations for these
  • [x] Try to add the white background for the mainView
  • [x] Try to add semi transparent boxes in the left sidebar to test if this works
  • [x] Find open-source icons Use helveticons for the first test, then find replacements later.
  • [ ] Maybe add gesture to get back to main content
  • [ ] Add translucent window support from css. See tips on this here:
  • [ ] ==Try the custom vibrancy layer tutorial==

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