Creating an app icon

Creating an app icon that can be use for macOS apps It also supports retina screens.

.png 👉 .icns

  1. Download 👈 (It’s just an .applescript won’t bite)
  2. Drag and drop your .png onto the and your done 👍


here is an app icon I created in Illustrator:


gitsync_logo_2016_blue_512.icns gitsync_logo_2016_blue_512.icns

Now you have the .icns file that can be added to your xcode project.

Build your self:

This applescripts can convert a .png to an .icns file in 4 simple steps:

  1. Open the AppleScript app
  2. Copy and paste the code into AppleScript from JoeFrizzell in the link bellow.
  3. Save as:
  4. Drag and drop your .png onto the you just created.

Credits to JoeFrizzell via:

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